No. Sumber Jenis Koleksi / Prodi keterangan
1.E-book Fashion, History, Museums by Julia PetrovDesain Fashion dan Produk LifestyleFashion, History, Museums by Julia Petrov ISBN: 9781350049017 Publication Date: 2019 The last decade has seen the growing popularity and visibility of fashion as a cultural product, including its growing presence in museum exhibitions. This book explores the history of fashion displays, highlighting the continuity of past and present curatorial practices.
2.Fashion Communication in the Digital AgeDesain Fashion dan Produk LifestyleOpen Access Conference proceedings Part of the book series: Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics (SPBE)
3.Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) = Indonesia Stock Exchange Fakultas Ekonomiinformasi terkait Bursa Efek Indonesia termasuk di dalamnya informasi terkait Pasar Modal Indonesia dan keterbukaan informasi Perusahaan Tercatat
4.Easy Pace LearningPoltek Bahasa Inggris BisnisEasy Pace Learning is a website that is free to allow anyone to start learning English. We have tried to make the website easy to use to help make learning English easy and enjoyable.
5.Learn English TeamPoltek Bahasa Inggris Bisnis-
6.A Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOLPoltek Bahasa Inggris BisnisThis book contains three levels of interactive grammar lessons and reading activities for beginning students of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). The grammar section includes a select set of YouTube videos, and the three original readers include short picture or chapter stories. Each lesson is accompanied by self-correcting exercises. [CC-BY]
7.Green Tea Intermediate English Communication OERPoltek Bahasa Inggris BisnisThis set of multimedia materials incorporates interesting topics and real-world language in an accessible way for adult English language learners at the low-to-mid intermediate level, using eclectic methods (communicative activities, content-based instruction lite, focus on form), all while maintaining a connection to our learners lives. [CC-BY]
8.Seltics JournalPoltek Bahasa Inggris BisnisSeltics Journal: Scope of English Language Teaching, Literature and Linguistics Journal Seltics journal contains articles that are taken from analytical-critical studies in the field of teaching English, literature, and linguistics. It can be in the form of research results or conceptual ideas. The research topic of interest include but are not limited to (1) Education in Learning, Basic Education, Learning Models, teaching methodology, Curriculum, Learning Innovation, Vocational Education (2) Education Technology: Learning Technology, Learning Media, Virtual Education, E-Learning (3) English Literature Study (4) Linguistics
9.LIRE JOURNAL (JOURNAL OF LINGUISTICS AND LITERATURE)Poltek Bahasa Inggris Bisnisire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature) with P-ISSN 2598-1803 (printed) and E-ISSN 2581-2130 (online) is a refereed journal published twice a year in March and October by the English Department of Bangka Belitung University, Indonesia. It presents articles on the study of language, literature, and culture.
10.Business English: A Practice Book by Rose BuhligPoltek Bahasa Inggris BisnisWord study and grammar: Interesting words. Pronunciation. Spelling rules. Word analysis. The sentence and its elements. The noun and the pronoun. The adjective and the adverb. The verb. The preposition and the conjunction Composition (oral and written): Oral English. Choosing subjects. Punctuation. The clear sentence. The paragraph. Business letters Composition (business practice): Manufacture. Distribution. Advertising. Real estate and insurance. Banking. The corporation. [CC-BY]